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Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Parked Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL Databases 2 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
FTP Accounts 2 3 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
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All Innerplanet Plans Include

Main Features

  • No Contracts/No Hidden Fees

    No contracts! Unlike most web hosting providers cancel anytime with Innerplanet. All fees are upfront.

  • Free Setup

    Free setup on all hosting plans.

  • Price Freeze Guarantee

    Your website price will never increase! Ever!

  • Softaculous Auto-Installer

    Softaculous Auto-Installer located in your cPanel will let you demo and choose from over 300 scripts such as blogs, shopping carts, photo galleries and much more. This amazing feature installs all scripts in just ONE STEP.

  • NEW! R1Soft CDP Backups

    Continuous data protection (CDP), automatically saving a copy of every change made to that data, essentially capturing every version of the data that is saved on the server. Clients can now access multiple restore points from inside their cPanel.

  • Multiple Restore Points

    With the new Continuous data protection (CDP) backups, clients can now access multiple restore points from inside their cPanel and restore whole sites or single files without contacting support.

  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

    60 Day full money back guarantee

  • IP Address Deny Manager

    Configure and block certain IP addresses from visiting your site.

  • Hot Link Protection

    Prevent other people from linking (and stealing bandwidth) to your images

  • Remote Database Servers

    Boost Wordpress performance and other dynamic content considerably by off-loading the MySQL duties to its own separate server

  • Password Protect Directories

    Setup a password for any directory in your website

  • Index Manager

    When accessing a directory (rather than a page) on your site, a visitor will typically see the index page for that directory. If no index page exists, the browser will display a list (or index) of the files in that directory. Using the Index Manager, it is possible to define how a specific directory index will appear to those who access it.

  • Online Virus Scanner

    Online Virus Scanner available in your cPanel

  • Web Based File Manager

    The File Manager is cPanel’s built-in web application for managing and manipulating your website’s files from your personal computer. Most users will feel comfortable using this file management tool.

  • Extensive Website Statistics

    Multiple web stat programs show you such things as number of visits, length of visits, where your traffic is coming from, what kind of browser people are using and which pages are being visited plus much much more.

  • WordPress Hosting

    Answer a few questions and with one click you can automatically install and host Wordpress. Free Wordpress themes can be insalled at the same time.>

  • Joomla! Hosting

    One of the most popular CMS software out there with many free templates. Install automatically with Softaculous.

  • WWW and non-WWW access

    Your account is setup so anyone can access your site with or without the .www

  • Free SSL Certificates

    NEW! Included with every account, our new SSL certificates can be enabled at no charge.

Support Features

Email Features


    SMTP, POP3 and IMAP are TCP/IP protocols used for mail delivery and retrieving

  • Unlimited Email Accounts

    Create and manage an unlimited number of email accounts based on your domain.

  • Catch-All Email Account

    The email address to which cPanel routes any email message sent to email accounts which do not exist at your domain. Also called a Default Address.

  • Webmail (3 choices)

    Webmail programs which allows you to access your email through a web browser. The main advantage to webmail is the ability to access your email account from any computer connected to the Internet without having to install or configure a specific mail program.

  • Mailing Lists

    Mailing lists allow you to use a single address to send mail to multiple email addresses

  • Email Forwarders

    Forwarders allow you to redirect incoming mail to different addresses. This lets you check multiple accounts from a single address.

  • Email Authentication

    To combat spam, or unwanted email, cPanel’s email authentication features attempt to provide information so that recipients know the nature of incoming messages. This enables you to discard unnecessary messages.

  • Spam Assassin

    SpamAssassin is an email utility that filters spam by examining incoming email and testing for spam characteristics. It uses a set of rules to screen incoming email, this results in an overall score. If an incoming message reaches a predefined score, the message is discarded. Fully configurable.

Other Features

  • RV Site Builder

    Over 1100 professionally designed site templates to choose from. 3 easy steps. Have your website up in minutes!

  • SitePad Builder New!

    Innerplanet's New set of drag and drop web builders. Have your website up in minutes, No web building experience needed!

  • One click Wordpress Installs

    Install Wordpress with one click! No need to uploaded files, change permissions and setup databases. The Softaculous auto-installer(Free) will do all these tasks for you!

  • Hundreds of Included Templates

    Hundreds of Included Templates with RV Site Builder and TrendyTools Builder. Several free themes for WordPress.

  • Softaculous -automatically Install over 300 software scripts

    Softaculous auto-installer. One click installs of over than 300 Blogs, including Wordpress, galleries, shopping carts, guest books, forums, portals, CMS and much more.

  • cPanel 11 Plus

    The most popular and widely used online web control panel on the planet! Administer your website through a beautiful interface. Updated constantly

Advanced Features

  • PHP Selector- 5 PHP versions available

    Select fron one of five versions of PHP available on each server. May be changed from within your cPanel to fit your needs.

  • Cron Jobs

    Execute commands or scripts automatically on your server at a specified time and date

  • Ruby on Rails

    Ruby is an open-source web-programming language. Ruby resides on the web server and operates similarly to other programming languages, such as PHP, ASP and Perl.

  • Zend Optimizer

    Zend Optimizer enables PHP to load and execute files encoded by using Zend Guard.

  • Ion Cubes

    IonCube loader is the PHP extension that decodes encrypted PHP files.

  • Perl/CGI-Bin/SSI

    All Supported Languages

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